Plastic Industry in India is growing at 14 to 15 % per annum including domestic as well as industrial polymers. It is boon as well as curse in terms of disposal, as in last five years India has came across many new high end engineering polymers at the same time awareness has also spread across the globe regarding global warming and plastics disposal in friendly manner with out harming the environment.

The interesting fact is till 1990's India was treated as Dump House for rest of the world but in last decade increase in local volume due to very big consumer market disposal has became an issue for country like India.

We at DPPL are taking a step forward to develop a compound which is environmental friendly creating new generation of plastics... and that is UTILITY COMPOUNDS

Technical Specifications

  • Description
  • Nylon6 UF Black
  • Nylon6 15% GF Black
  • Nylon6 30% GF Black
  • mPPE 30% GF Black
  • PC UF White
  • PC UF Black
  • PC UF Grey
  • PBT 30% GF FR Black
  • Grade
  • Utility Compounds Nylon6 Unfilled Black
  • Utility Comounds Nylon6 15% Glassfilled Black
  • Utility Compounds Nylon6 30% Glassfilled Black
  • Utility Compounds mPPE 30% Glassfilled Black
  • Utility Compounds Polycarbonate Unfilled White
  • Utility Compounds Polycarbonate Unfilled Black
  • Utility Compounds Polycarbonate Unfilled Grey
  • Utility Compounds PBT 30% Glassfilled FR Black

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